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 Hello There! 

My name is Jeff Beeman and I have been a lover of golf for many years now. 

I do not get to play nearly as much as I might like but...who does? 

I was introduced to the game when I was around 10 Yrs old or so by my Father and I have been very blessed to do the same for my son.  He has become our "pro golfer"  making a career from the sport.. Currently he is a service manager with the PGA Super Store in Columbus, Ohio. 

I started out playing a par 3 course that is still in operation today and although I do not play the course very often we do enjoy hitting a bucket of balls on the range when time allows.  A lot of memories playing there and sitting in the club house with Dad enjoying a snack. Good times.

I have dabbled in the online golf business several times but never really settling into it as a full time gig. The dabbling has however developed into a small eBay Store and what we hope will be a growing blog and affiliate business. 

The goal of this blog is to bring informative news, updates from our store and just general golf content for your reading pleasure...in many cases video may be used.

Although I personally am reaching the levels of "Senior Golfer" this blog and business is still in it's infancy so bare with us as we go through some growing pains. 

So welcome! I am grateful that you are hear reading this and please make sure to connect with me via all of our social media outlets.

Let's just keep swinging! 

Jeff Beeman
Owner @ JBNET Golf-N-Stuff

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