The Senior Golf Swing

Dear fellow golfer,

Do you want to get an extra 20, 40, or even 70 yards of distance out of every swing?

Would you like to be so unerringly consistent, you know exactly where that ball is going to go before you even pull your club out of the bag?

And would you like your swing to be so relaxed, limber, and pain-free, you feel BETTER at the end of 18 holes than you did when you got out of bed that morning?

If you answered “yes”, to these questions, then you’ll want to read every word of this letter very carefully.

Because I’m about to reveal how you can use a revolutionary new “seniors only” swing to get all of this…

In fact, Shawn developed a swing specifically for “senior golfers” – as in, anyone over the age of 50 – that allows to hold your own against, and in many cases, beat the pants off, a lot of younger players. 

Senior Golf Swing System

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